Repairing your own roof is the only way to do it. Honestly, most roof repairs can be done yourself. With the help from the Internet, you too can easily repair a simple roof without being dependent on professional roofing contractors. Also, calling a professional roofing company to fix a simple leaking roof could end up being quite costly. However, hiring a professional roofing contractor does have its advantages. For instance, do you think you will be able to handle the job if it turns out to be much larger than what you first thought? Professionals are better placed to do this.

Before you start work on the roof, take these important steps. Check the weather. Never attempt a roof repair in the rain, unless the emergency cannot be ignored.

You never want to leave the bare wood exposed to the elements outside. In fact, as soon as you tear away any shingles, it’s recommended to immediately cover with tar/felt paper and secure it in place. Never walk on a wet, bare wood roof because it can be extremely slippery.

A roof can be slick regardless of whether it is wet or not. A roofing contractor usually brings a push broom to sweep down a roof before they start working on it. Roofing repair professionals are keen on safety precautions. You should too.

Wearing work boots while walking a roof also is dangerous. The bottom soles of work boots are hard and don’t grip the roof like a good pair of running shoes. Running shoes have the rubber soles that make walking a roof a lot safer. Running shoes enable you to somewhat grip the roof better than a work boot. There are, however, a few roofing contractors that do not agree with this.

When handling shingles of roofs, be careful to do so with gloved hands as they could badly injure your much needed hands. Shingles, especially those made of Asphalt are like sandpaper and it won’t be long until they turn sore.

Never try to do a big roof job on your own. You should always have a friend around; make that person your “man on the ground”. In case if an emergency, he is the best placed person to make sure you are provided with medical attention.

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